Our Home Selling Approach

We at HCA Real Estate will work hard to sell your house.

When we first meet with you we will first meet with you at your home or property to review the different aspects of that property. We will take detailed notes on your home and then we will speak to you about your expectations of this sale.

Once we have gathered that information and have answered any preliminary questions you may have we will go back and research all comaparable sales in the local area around your property. Once we have completed that research we will request a follow up meeting with you to discuss an ideal Market price range.

There is a fantastic tool the Realtor.com has available to any potential sellers. It is a great tool for setting expectations for the Seller as well as answering many of your questions. This tool can be found at:


Please call or email us anytime to discuss any property that you would like to sell. We have extensive experience selling both Commercial and Residential properties in NH, ME, and MA. Please call us today